Contains natural antioxidants and a special blend of amino acids to repair chemically damage hair and tranform in to beautiful, healthy, shiny hair for up to 5 months.

Color & Highlights to emphasize and add intensity to your new look.

Color and highlights are two of the most popular ways to get a new look quickly.

And a new, fun color can certainly take some of the pain out of the maddening process of waiting forever for our hair to grow!

Fantasy makeup offers an opportunity to use vivid and extreme colors and ideas.

It's creative design at its best. There are no limit.

Fashion makeup is usually designed to be high impact, and is meant to show the model and the design being modeled to the best effect.

At Changers Hair Studio we provide our clients with the safest hair extension method available.

The hair link system can be installed on all types of hair without the harmful use of glue, heat, chemicals, or braiding. We are a full service salon providing our clients with, expert hair extension installation and maintenance, coloring and styling.

Whether you're looking for a very basic Halloween makeup or to take your custom to the next level, make up is one of the simplest way to make you stand out among the rest.

I strive to empower women by highlighting their natural character and beauty through a customized look, based on their needs, by artistically and creatively using my makeup skills.

Whether you'd like extensions, curls, or an updo, our pro hair stylists will achieve the proper style for you and your entire bridal party using the best hair care products and tools necessary.

Our team is comprised of professionals with years of experience in the bridal industry, and will always be sure to listen to your needs.

We will conveniently travel to your location of choice for your trial and wedding day to make you feel and look your best.